Veggie Mama was founded by Theresa Fraijo with one simple goal in mind: to offer more opportunities for families to enjoy veggies. Truth is, most people aren't getting even half the amount of vegetables their bodies demand. Of course, simply eating more vegetables is easier said than done. Most kids would rather sit at the dinner table all night than take a bite of spinach.

Realizing there had to be a better way, Theresa set out to find healthy, all natural snacks that could supplement her children's missing nutrients and more importantly, get them excited about eating vegetables. But, as it turns out, the snack world offers very few real veggie snacks. Instead, Theresa found a whole lot of dried out veggies that are fortified with synthetic nutrients, or snacks that include only trace amounts of the green stuff. Veggie Mama was then born.

Veggie Mama is sure, that when you offer a child--whether 6 or 16 years old--more opportunities to enjoy their veggies, the result is not only more nutrients, but a greater enthusiasm for veggies!